Women empowerment



…………………….Morning shows the day . what we start eating is seen as a spark of childhood.

I would start with the pathetic journey of a woman in a patriarchal society .

When she is not even born , she is killed in the mother’s womb which we now calls as female infanticide. And if she is born , the dogma of society forces him to live under negligence. The female child is neglected from the mothers womb till her funeral. Early in the childhood she is not given same rights as boy has. She cant play outdoors . she has to do house chores . she doen’t possess the right to be educated. She has to hide her face in the sacred cloth. As she grows the number of restrictions grows on her.the stigma of society calls her slut if she wears pants, jeans, shirts, etc. What they exactly want is a saree. But from my point of view  they want to see her more thats why they say a saree. Saree bares her more than  shirt jeans does. When she grows then she could not go out of his house after sunset. She cant have male friends. She cant love someone. She lives in the threat of physically , socially , sexually harassment. She is molested.She is married an early age even to one whom she doesnt know. The marriage is a curse not only to her but her parents and siblings to.the parents have to give cash and gifts to the groom for their daughters better future.but are they gifts or it is the new name of dowry. And after marriage her parents are forced to give otherwise they threaten their beloved daughter in law.what happens if she denies to have a marriage . then her younger siblings cant marry so she has to marry. Then after marriage she is tormented by her in laws . if she is working she has to face both the outside and the inside world . her household chores she must do. Why would her husband help her in that? Then she has to become a mother but of whom of a baby boy only otherwise she is still tormented. And if the couple cant have a baby ? then surely there is something fault in the bride .and if she becomes a widow she has to give her hairs and wear only white clothes.and if she is divorced then she has to live a life of miseries and sorrows.

This is what a story of a woman is still in many houses prevailing in many male dominated countries.


…………………………………………………………Give girls their change.

I would say that there is a need of women empowerment. Napoleon said ,”give me an educated mother , i would give you an educated nation.”

I would yes in the lands of laxmi and saraswati the women is having a vulnerable position. But we are only the only which can enlighten them too.laxmi bai , sarojni nadu , indira Gandhi were some of the women which proved that women have a higher stake against man.a women is an endless fountain of love ,devotion, sympathy, affection, motherhood, etc . direct from heaven.  Her virtues should not be misunderstood. As she is kaali and durga too. She is the capable of working 365 days a year without a holiday. Vcan a man do? No definitely not. She is one who works 18hrs a day atleast. A man is tired in 7-8 hours. A woman doesn’t say a no. A man does. What she gets is nothing. What we say is woman does nothing if she is a housewife but she does the most work. In each and every field woman is better than man whether its share market , house keeping, baby keeping or any other thing.

She is the one who gives the birth. She can fight against the most pain of birth of her child. So she can also take a life if she wishes to. If she doesn’t say anything that doesn’t mean she is a cow or a donkey. But she loves her family thats why she doesn’t open her mouth.

In every field she is better but she gives the credit to her beloveds .it makes her supreme. We have to raise her. Government has to see that the reserved seats should be granted to her. criminals should be given the worst punishments ever so that they can’t do that thing again. We all should respect woman because give respect take respect.

Women should be given their right to education .women should be given the right to live their lives they wanted the way they want to.




Education doesn’t only educates but only enlightens. Without education enlightenment is fruitless.

With education a man is an asset to the nation. Education is what differs a man from a barbaric and wandering animal. Right from the womb the man starts learning. Education doesn’t starts in a school or a preschool.

Why am i saying this? You all must be thinking i am wrong. But in facto , i am not.

I would like to ask the audience doesn’t baby kicks inside the mother’s womb. Yes , it does.

There other plethora things which it does.Mother is his first teacher. She teaches him how to drink milk then eat then walk and then it becomes a thread with only one end.

Then he goes to school teachers enlighten him to become a noble man. Now i wanna ask whether only the civilized people teaches the man .  Definitely not. The man is molded by his day to day experiences by the schoolmates ,  friends younger siblings, workers under him like the housekeeper , gardener and from each and every creature of god. Bird teaches him to sing.  Gardener teaches him to be patient until the fruit is ripe. It is an endless cycle of getting educated .

Where we are ? What are we doing? What we are wearing? All these stuff is brought in by education. As the education get passed from one generation to the next it became more and more advanced. High tech gadgets are all made in the lap of education.

Medicines are the greatest blessings on man by it. A man when is shackled by misery and sorrow of ill health then the wisdom of medicines brings his soul back to his body.

Education illuminated the man. Education is the ultimate key to prison.




So finally we all possess strong believes in favor of education but rather paradoxically i would say education is the one which can brought the misery to the world. When the man becomes raged then education brings a number of wrecked surprises with It. Wasn’t the terrorist’s assaults and the world wars a sour fruit which was brought up by the educated fellows. Yes it is.

The nature’s fury is because of man’s civilization his education. He threatens the nature and in return he gets moaning. It brings us with global warming, earthquakes, landslides, etc. the race of becoming the best in  any field leads to abductions , murders,suicides etc. Either the person can’t withstand the cut throat competitive contemporary world and he has to surrender his soul or he be comes a demon having craving for other’s soul.

Education brought the money. And what a person can do for even a dollar i supposed i don’t need to tell that. Apart from natures fury and crimes education is still perilous and catastrophic in number of other ways too.


SO FINALLY , I WOULD SAY EDUCATION MOLDS THE MAN LIKE A DWELLER DOES BUT IT CAN ALSO THREATEN THE POPULATION AS A BLOODY SPOOKY DEMON. One should turn an blind eye to the disadvantages of it to protect our blissful planet mother earth to turn into a planet with victory over no survivals. Instead he should do his best to make is the most amazing place of the world.


Thanks for reading………..

successive percentage formula

percentage change = a + b + ab/100 

it is also applicable in form of equations like k=xy

where k is contant term a and b are variables e.g. f=ma,td=s, expenditure = price . quantity

therefore if there is y percent loss and then y percent gain (in terms of s.p.)

then net change = sq.y/100